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LocoBlog is a mobile phone application and web site which supports location-based mobile photo blogging.

In order to use LocoBlog, you'll need a handset that supports J2ME and the Location API. To begin blogging, simply Install and run the LocoBlog from the phone menu.

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New Version!
23rd May 2007

An early (beta) version of the new LocoBlog is now available. The new version contains a few key improvements:

  • -- It's now possible to store entries on the phone and to submit entries in batches.
  • -- Uses the Location API (JSR-179), so handsets with integrated GPS (e.g. N95) are supported. Please note, Nokia 3rd Ed. phones can also use the new version with external GPS receivers.

Currently, this version only works on phones supporting J2ME's Location API (JSR-179). This includes the N-Series (except N70 and N90) such as N73, N80, N95 etc. and all other Nokia 3rd Ed. devices (e.g. 5500).

Sony Ericsson
25th January 2007

LocoBlog doesn't appear to work on any Sony Ericsson handsets at the moment. Unfortunately, I've not had time (or SE handsets) to fix this to date. Sorry.

Back Again!
17th December 2006

Important update! Could existing users please install the latest version of the application. Older versions will no longer work.

LocoBlog was offline for a few days as we transferred to a new server - but we're back now!

Also now added pagination to the blog view in order to speed up loading times for regular users.

Current Progress
19th November 2006

We're aware that there are still a few problems that remain to be fixed with the application, but we're very pleased with some of the entries we've seen to date nonetheless.

I recently purchased a Sony Ericsson W850i, so hopefully, this will be supported in the next update. Also, top of the request list is that users should be able to create entries, then submit them at their leisure. This would overcome some of the problems associated with blogging from remote locations (where there's no signal). Also, we hope to allow users to edit their entries from the web site soon. Just need to find some free time to implement all this!

BTW - thanks to everyone who has submitted their suggestions - they are all considered very carefully.

Register Online
24th October 2006

You can now register online to use LocoBlog.

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